Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Of Mice and Men:Motifs

The men of mice and men sometimes did not know there own strengths, some did not even know their own weaknesses. This one character named Lennie is probably the main character who has this problem. Lennie's strength makes him do really outrageous things. Lennie's weakness lets people take advantage of him etc... Lennie is a big guy but he has a disablity that seems as if it controls his head you will soon find out.

Lennie having a disability and being big often plays a role in his actions. Well the first thing I will talk about is when Lennie was not able to control his own strength. Lennie loved little animals and when slim would let him stay and play with the puppy he would pet it and play with it as if it was his own. One day he did not know his own strength and he started petting the puppy he petted it to hard and he killed it! He then knew he did a bad thing and he tried to hide it. That showed how he does not know his own strength.

Lennie's disability often lets people take advantage of him. A couple of people knew that such as George and Curley's wife. If you read the book your probably saying George! George knew he could tell Lennie what to do, and how to do it and he would listen. No matter what, what ever George said went. Curley's wife also knew that Lennie had a disability every time she had a question or needed someone to talk to she went after Lennie, she knew Lennie was not smart enough to turn away from her trap and she kept trying to use it to her advantage.

As I said Lennie often does not know his own strength or weaknesses. At times he lets people take advantage of him and at time he does things he cant even explain. Lennie is a big guy with a different type of way of handling things.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Of Mice and Men questions

1) Why is Crooks distanced from all the other guys on the farm? Crook is distanced from all the other guys on the farm because he is not welcomed. The reason why he is not welcomed is because he is african american.

2) Why is crook given the name crook? He is given the name crook because he have a crook in his back.

3) Why do you think George killed Lennie? I think george killed Lennie because he couldn't do it no more and when I say that I mean take up for him and be his care taker, stress over him no more, he was just tired.

4) What do you think would have happened to Lennie if George did not kill him? I think if George did not kill Lennie that the others would have tortured him first maybe hung him then shot him.

5) What was the reason of the killing of Lennie? The reason Lennie was killed was because he killed curley's wife, he would have gotten away with it but he left his hat.

6) Why is George taken care of Lennie? George is taking care of Lennie because, Lennie's Aunt Clara died.

7) In the book why was Candy's do killed? Candy's dog was killed because a couple of dogs on the farm felt like it was too old and it stunk.

8) What would you do if your dog was killed for that reason?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 8th reflection

At this meeting we really got nothing accomplished but looking at the pictures from the week before. We emailed some guy about a recycling bin. Next week we need to find out what is the main goals of beautifying the school and talk about waiting for the garden until next year it is to late now.

May 1st Reflection

On this day my group went outside to the Constitution Center. Where we examined the grass and looked for places to do our garden. We were all assigned our roles in the group. I was given the role as the facilitator. Some good things about this meeting was that everyone was usually on task, looking for spots. Brianna actually examined the soil a little. It was great that we went outside, we got many idea's by just looking. Somethings we need to do is start buying things and getting prices because we are going to need that so next year we can start fresh. Our goal for next week should be getting prices and finalizing our idea's.

Of Mice and Men:Themes

“Stay away from her Lennie, she aint nothing but trouble”. “Why does no one ever talk to me”? Promiscuous, lonely, wrapped around Curley’s finger, and is given no name. Curley’s wife is a miss-interpreted character in the book of mice and men. She always seems to want attention, the only one on the farm who wears a dress and high heels, hair always done, but is that all apart of her game. Curley’s wife is a human predator in her own way. She is a human predator towards three main characters, Lennie, George and Curley.

Big, Okie, and mentally ill all describes one character in the book, Lennie. When the Curley’s wife was first introduced to the book and movie she attacked Lennie and George. Lennie was told by George to stay away from Curley’s wife because she was not anything but trouble. Well one day she seen Lennie over there with George all scared up, but before then she must have seen her husband’s hand. She asked Lennie what happened then she followed up by saying she knew. Since then she started coming after Lennie, not in a promiscuous way but in a way to get back at her husband. Then later on she noticed Lennie was slow she some how brain washed him into talking to her because she was lonely. She described him as a little baby, she then convinced him to touch her hair but then he killed her!

Smart, care keeper, and a hard worker; well this describes one character by the name of George. He’s the guy responsible for Lennie, he got him a job, tells him what and whatnot to do. As the author and producer of the book and movie made her seem as if Curley’s wife wanted George for sexual reasons. He was the first person she came at. Looking at him and talking to him in a promiscuous, way, as if she wanted to do some things to him. He never responded to her or fell in her trap. She never got close to getting him. She made it seem like she just wanted to talk but her actions described differently!

Getting married to someone you don’t like is not the best thing. Curley’s wife married Curley. Curley is a low self-esteem type o guy he hates big people because he wants to be big. Well Curley’s wife does not like him so she tries to find out anything or do anything to get t him. She tried to kick him. She tried to figure out did Lennie really do that to Curley’s hand all to get at her husband. Curley loves her but she does not love him. He messed up her dream!

To conclude this I will like to say Curley’s wife was a predator in her own way towards different people. She knows Lennie is slow so she use him to socialize with, George is handsome so she wants to seduce him and she just dislikes her husband.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Service Learning reflection for April 25th

On April 25th my service learning group really is starting to act more maturely. Successes that was made was behavior was better than weeks before. We walked around the school to see how we could beautify it. We all came up with some good idea's too. Only problem that needs to be fixed is we need to know who is in what group or are we just automatic in both. We need to get prices for things we want now so next year we will know. The role in the group I signed up for is the facilatator.